Kuki Worship Service - Happy Valley is an inter-denominational church, established on the 7th April 1997. It is located at the eastern part of Shillong city and most of the members were from defence serving and ex-servicemen.
KWS-Happy Valley shares the same ideology and principles with other KWS units, but unique in its administration setup. It is registered with the Govenrment of Meghalaya under Registrar of Society vide Regd. No. E.16/4/of 2007/283. Happy Valley situated at the eastern part of the city of Shillong. It is an army cantonment area with beautiful lanscape. Most of the resident are either serving or retired military personnel. It is a mixed population of Mizo, Nepali, Khasi, Kuki, etc. . About 90% of Kuki family in Shillong resides in this area.

During the year 1996 Mr. Lalpu Singsit and Mr. Seilal Haokip were staying in rented house neibouring each other and started inter family prayer and worship services. In the meantime more families joined their worship programme and the number grew in such a situation that, worship programme could not be continued to held in small rented house. The leaders then requested the elders of KWS Shillong to provide suitable place for the church services. However, due to certain reasons the KWS Shillong leader could not provide the needfull. In such situation they started renting the house of (L) Pu HK Chongthu for conducting worship services. In the meanwhile more and more members joined the group and finally on the 7th April 1997 the formation of KWS Happy Valley unit was formally dedicated to the Lord by Rev. GS Thangboi Gangte. Till early 2005 the church services was conducted at the rented house of Pu Late Chongthu. On 15th September 2005 with the mercy of the Almighty we were able to purchased the present plot of land for the Church. And today KWS Happy Valley has become one of the most prominent and successful branch among the KWS units.

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